Here is what we will do to sell your property


This is undoubtedly the basis of any process. The seller generally evaluates his property according to personal criteria (location, furniture, brightness, etc.) or in the best case by making an analysis of the prices published on the portals. While respecting the considerations of the owner-seller, our role is to provide an OBJECTIVE assessment of the value of the property, resulting from an analysis of the actual price trend in the geographical area concerned and in that specific time period.

The FIAIP provides us with a tool that through constantly updated algorithms detects in the so-called BIG DATA the values of properties which by type, size, location, age, etc. are comparable with the one being evaluated. In this way we can formulate a price assessment to the interested party that is effectively in line with market trends.

We do not want to create unreal price expectations for the SELLER: we would only waste time. A correct price almost always allows you to minimize sales times, especially in periods when the economy in general is affected by completely unexpected events, which blow up any forecast criteria.

This is why this approach is essential to "get off on the right foot".


Once the price has been identified, we agree with the seller a personalized marketing strategy according to specific needs and obviously proportionate to the objective value of the property that is placed on the market (TOP ADS, PREMIUM, CUSTOMIZED BANNER, etc.).

The most used communication channels are obviously the INTERNET portals (we co-work with all the main ones); we use a very efficient operating platform (MIOGEST) which, in addition to publishing the property on our institutional website, automatically allows us to publish contextually on all connected portals: this is why we always ask our SELLER 'SHARED EXCLUSIVE´ assignment (*).

From the moment he entrusted us with the assignment, he no longer needs to publish his property himself: through the communications developed by our agency, he covers practically all channels, ensuring MAXIMUM VISIBILITY ON THE MARKET.

Portals are important because they allow immediate response to requests by sending personalized emails, but new social media are also not to be underestimated: YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, etc. - albeit in very different forms - they contribute to widening the spectrum of influence of our communication.

Last but not least, it is also possible to use messaging via WHATSAPP to send real-time videos of the properties, images and descriptive cards to the interested party.

But if the promotion and advertising channels are the basis of good marketing communication, no less important is the quality of the photographic service (perhaps with 360 ° visibility), of the descriptive video, or of the virtual 3D service to propose the property. object of sale.

Finally, the use of increasingly advanced applications allows to constantly improve the relationship with the customer, (for example with the digital signature of documents, or with the virtual visit of the property via Skype or Google Meet, a visit in which the Customer does not is a taxable person, but guides our operator with his requests by viewing the property down to the smallest detail, while remaining comfortably seated on the sofa of his home ...).

But technology must not make us forget the direct and personal contact: the old and dear TELEPHONE remains essential to explain, request and provide insights, triggering that relationship of trust between us and the Customer which is fundamental for the success of every operation.


An important aspect is the function of collecting and checking documents, carried out by our Agency: the verification of the qualifications of origin, the surcharges, the correctness and correspondence of the plans, etc. are fundamental steps to manage the sale correctly, within the established times, reaching the notarial deed without stress.

Energy performance certificate, cadastral compliance, preliminary technical report are just some of the "bureaucratic steps" necessary for the correct conclusion of the sales contract.


The engagement model we use, prepared by FIAIP and continuously adapted to changes in sector laws (with particular attention to the regulatory provisions concerning "privacy" and the problems of the so-called "anti-money laundering"), is divided into many steps, each of them is important. It provides the form of the SHARED EXCLUSIVE, that is: the seller gives us the exclusive assignment and we think about spreading the news to all the agencies connected with us which, through us, will in turn advertise the property. In this way the number of potential interested parties, reached by the news of the sale, grows exponentially.

Once these four phases have been completed, we are able to kick off the property's promotional campaign.

A careful pre-qualification of the buyer (defining a priori spending capacity, actual needs, purchase timing, financing needs, etc.) will allow us to shorten the sales management time, moving in a well-defined field of action.

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