Do you want to buy or sell a house? NO RISKY CLIMBING TOURS!

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Do you want to buy or sell a property/house? NO RISKY CLIMBING TOURS!

The statement may seems to be extravagant, in reality it gives a good idea of the amount of obstacles that the buyer or seller has to overcome to achieve his goal ...
That's why you will find the the ideal solution for your solution with our offered services!

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The more complicated bureaucracy day by day and the continuous evolution of the formalities which are necessary for a sale, lead to more and more substantial margins of errors and waste of time, with inevitable negative economic implications.

Here the summary of our way of providing the service to obtain the solution.


  • SELL the property in a reasonably short time
  • MAXIMIZE REVENUE in relation to the actual trend of market prices
  • CONCLUDE the sale in SAFETY, without stress

How to achieve the result?

Before being placed on the market, the property has to pass a series of formal and substantial checks.

From an URBANISTIC point of view, there must be correspondence between the "authorized" status and the actual status of the property (building permits, licenses, amnesties, S.C.I.A., D.I.A., usability, etc.)
From the cadastral point of view, the conformity of the planimetric representations to the actual state of the places have to be verified.
From a LEGAL point of view, the adequacy of the deeds of ownership have to be verified (titles of origin, donations, any registration of third party rights, usufruct, mortgage easements or aggravations, etc.), the correctness of any existing condominium relationships (payment of expenses, pending litigation, etc.), the validity of the energy performance certificate, etc.
In particular, in the area where our agency mostly operates, the so-called land registry system is in force (in the property and other "real" rights are regulated by the Royal Decree of 28 March 1929, n.499), for which the need is even greater to have a thorough knowledge of the operation of the procedures necessary for the successful completion of each conclusion. In this regard, we have included the “Laws and Regulations” button on our home page to allow our Customers to view the contents of the so-called Land Law.
We want to emphasize these aspects because in most cases the SELLER has no idea what and how many responsibilities he assumes in undertaking the sale, in the often unfounded belief, that it is the notary, who is responsible for the content of the sale.


The needs are versatile, but they can be summarized in three essential points:

  • FIND THE PROPERTY that meets the wishes (for example in terms of geographical location, exposure, reachability, construction quality, etc.) and the needs (in terms of size, number of rooms, number of bathrooms, accessories), possibly in an area with a good quality of life
  • PAY THE RIGHT PRICE with reference to the average levels of market prices
  • CONCLUDE THE PURCHASE in a CERTAIN TIME (possibly short) and in COMPLETE SAFETY, calmly and without stress (no post-purchase cognitive dissonance should emerge): the only real emotion will have to be that of receiving the keys to the new home.


Our professional activity is aimed primarily at assisting THE SELLER in the correct definition of the sale price. Very often, those who decide to sell form an idea of price for their property based on data obtained generically from the web, supported by considerations that – also if legitimate - do not find objective confirmation in the reality of the facts. In the real property sector, "do it yourself" can be decidedly counterproductive.

Our Agency supports the SELLER following an operational path that, through the tools that modern technology today makes available (use of specific applications in the examination of the "BIG DATA" provided by our FIAIP - Italian Federation of Real Estate Agents - and / or punctual analysis of its databases referring to the purchase and sale of properties comparable with the one being evaluated and / or the continuous comparison and exchange of information with the network of connected agencies) and, above all, through direct knowledge of the dynamics in real estate transactions, leads to a CONCRETE ESTIMATE OF THE MARKET PRICE.

We will never tire of reiterating that the real element that determines the saleability of any property is the PRICE REALLY IN LINE WITH MARKET TRENDS.

Once the price of the property has been defined, we agree with the seller which are best suitable promotional tools (from the photo shoot, to the creation of 360 ° images, from the interactive 3D service that allows the virtual visit, to the preparation of descriptive videos), such as are the best communication channels to reach the largest number of potential interested parties (from publication on the Agency's institutional website to publication on the most active portals on the web, from the printing and distribution of flyers to the massive sending of informative e-mails, messaging via Whatsapp), ultimately what could be the best marketing strategy to pursue to achieve the goal (development of customized APPs, inclusion of the property in the MLS circuit, sharing of information with the network of connected agencies, use of social networks media such as FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, etc.).

Specific applications in the examination of "BIG DATA" provided by our FIAIP - Italian Federation of Professional Real Estate Agents.

Last but not least, carried out "behind the scenes" and often underestimated by the Sellers, our Agency takes care of what we call "bureaucratic labor", that is, all the work aimed at collecting and verifying the documentation relating to the property object of the sales assignment, in full respect of privacy.

* * *

As for the service for the BUYER, the action of our Agency is developing according to a well-defined logical process.

First of all, we carry out a careful examination of the needs and desires, asking questions aimed for understanding precisely what the real objective of the buyer is in relation to the type of property, the geographical area of interest, the amount of the economic investment he wants, support the time limits within which he wishes to conclude the purchase, the possible need to find ad hoc financing.

A clear picture of the needs of the buyer - investor is the first step to correctly set the search parameters.

In other words: The correct understanding of what the buyer has in mind, of his motivations and his ambitions, results in the precise delimitation of the area in which to go to find the solution.

Infact, we always want to keep in mind that the purchase of an apartment or a house does not involve the buyer only for the economic aspect or for the financial commitment, but also constitutes a process with significant family, cultural, emotional and social implications.

* * *

Once the right property has been identified, here is the real role of the real estate agent:

Use all the experience and knowledge to conduct an INTELLIGENT NEGOTIATION, the result of which will lead to a synthesis that establishes the right point of economic balance between the expectations of the Seller and the objectives of the Buyer.

This result is not always easy to obtain and requires continuous professional training and cultural updating, to keep up with the rapid evolution of the dynamics of the real estate market, always following the Code of Ethics that FIAIP has specially prepared to guarantee the quality of the service offered, offered by its associates. The modern approach to real estate brokerage with training courses, technological updates and the use of forms in line with UNI standards (thanks to our association with FIAIP we are always "on the spot") certainly facilitates our work, but the real thrust is constituted by the continuous comparison of ideas with customers.

The certification recently conferred to our director by the Italian Federation of Professional Estate Agents (FIAIP) testifies to the active presence on the market for over 25 years: in addition to being a source of pride for us, it is a great incentive to improve our professionalism with ever greater determination.

What else to be said?
Only that we are waiting for you!

Upon successful completion of the operation, together with the keys to your new home, it will be a pleasure for us to deliver you our glasses and a Trentino D.O.C. product, for a toast of good luck!


Do you want to buy or sell a house?

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