Want to buy?

Here's what we'll do to help you find a perfect property:

We identify your needs

Detailed interview with the prospective buyer to configure the property that meets the wishes and expectations both in terms of location (in terms of geographical area, type of property, construction features, dimensions, etc.) and budget.

We are looking for a selective list of properties to examine together

  • in our direct database
  • in the "shared property warehouse"
  • in collaboration with the agencies linked with us

Since the properties have already been previously verified under the various profiles, thanks to the UNAFIAP working methodology, we are able to proceed with maximum safety and transparency, to free you from any bureaucratic worries and focus your attention on the substantial aspects of the properties among which you will carry out the your choice.


With from you selected properties we evaluate together the specific characteristics of each one; during the inspection we can respond to your observations and dispel your doubts, while providing you with all the ancillary information (tax aspects, notary costs, advice on any renovation work and companies to contact for any specific need, etc.) .


  • Your purchase proposal in the form that, in case of acceptance, already becomes a preliminary sales contract (which we will register with the competent Revenue Agency);
  • the documentation to be delivered to the Notary for the preparation of the final deed of sale;
  • the brochure containing all the documents relating to the property object of your purchase.

Do you want to finance your investment?

If you deem it appropriate, we will help you in choosing the best form of financing compatible with your needs and sustainable with your income, in order to immediately set up the relationship with the financing body in a correct and transparent manner.

After-sales assistance

We can help you in choosing an insurance policy with which to cover the risks of your new home, with primary companies; we can advise you in choosing the most suitable craftsman or supplier to furnish, modify or renovate your new home.

An appropriate explanation deserves the AGENCY COMMISSION

In carrying out all of the above, the real estate agency assumes a role of great responsibility towards the client. The real estate agent is not a simple "door opener", but the person who assembles all the pieces of the "puzzle" to carry out the sale correctly and safely: This is why the commission that the customer pays is not the result of a mere percentage calculation, but in reality it constitutes the remuneration for all the activity carried out.

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