The rules of conduct to which every member of the FIAIP have to be strictly adhere.


THAT the Real Estate Agent is a freelancer who, in full freedom, autonomy and independence, with his own organization and means, operates as an intermediary in the sale and rental of real estate, as well as in the sale and relief of companies, offering services to them connected and receiving fair brokerage fees for their activities;

THAT registration in the role of mediators is a necessary and essential requirement for the exercise of the activity of Real Estate Agent;

THAT the Real Estate Agent in his professional activity is inspired by moral principles designed to offer a correct service, avoiding all those activities that violate the principles of loyalty, fidelity and diligence;

THAT the Real Estate Agent, in acting according to the laws governing his profession, must avoid any misunderstanding in order to achieve a balance between the interests of the parties;

THAT in carrying out his professional activity, the Real Estate Agent must respect the professional secrecy required by law;

THAT the Real Estate Agent, owner of the Agency, is required to request and enforce professional secrecy also from its collaborators, employees and all the people who cooperate in carrying out the professional activity;

THAT the Real Estate Agent has the obligation to raise their professional training through constant updating, promoting and joining study seminars, meetings and conferences, in order to offer an increasingly qualified service as befits a skilled professional;

THAT these rules of conduct are binding for all those who practice the profession of Real Estate Agent and who obtain registration with the F.I.A.I.P. - Italian Federation of Professional Real Estate Agents. Given the above, an integral part of this Code of Ethics, the rules of conduct are divided below into three parts, each concerning: relations with the public, customers and colleagues.

FIAIP Code of Ethics


In the Autonomous Province of TRENTO and in that of BOLZANO, the so-called "Tavolare Law" is in force, according to which the methods of transferring the right of ownership and other real rights (easements, usufruct, etc.) follow an administrative procedure different from what happens in the rest of the Italian territory.

In practice, the deed of sale, with the signatures authenticated by the notary, is sent to the Table Judge who, having completed the necessary checks, issues a "DECRETO TAVOLRARE" by which he orders the Registrar to note the change of ownership or of others real rights, in the tables of the Land Book.

It is a very safe procedure, which also has interesting historical and cultural aspects, so we decided to give the possibility, to those interested, to read the contents of the provisions in force, simply by clicking on the appropriate button: "DECRETO TAVOLRARE"


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