The Trevalli Real Estate Agency is located in Malé (TN), in “Val di Sole” (Valley of the sun in region TRENTINO) and has been active since 2003; the legal representative has been working in the real estate sector since 1992. The new office, opened in 2019, is also located in Malé, in Via Brescia 46, in front of the historic Pasticceria VERGINELLO (famous throughout the Valley for its strudel and "cannoncini" cream).

Mainly our agency operates in the western area of Trentino, with particular reference to the Valleys Val di Sole, Val di Rabbi and Val di Peio, even if more and more frequently the range of action extends to the whole national territory and also abroad, thanks to the new opportunities for connection and collaboration with numerous agencies in Italy and also abroad.

In order to provide good investment opportunities for both residential and tourist properties, our philosophy starts from the assumption that

investing in TRENTINO means investing in QUALITY OF LIFE.

This concept is particularly significant in our three valleys, because Val di Sole, Val di Peio, Val di Rabbi make you discover the thrill of living in nature again.

By browsing our site, the interested party can already form a first impression of what we are saying: our goal is to convince him to come and see the various solutions for himself, because during a site visit he will be able to appreciate not only nature (eg . the Stelvio National Park or the Terme di Rabbi and Peio), but also the culture of our territory.

Forgetting for a moment stress, traffic, pollution can help us understand the value of living in a place where the quality of life is not an abstract concept but a daily experience.

The invitation that our agency addresses to those who want to buy a property is to consider the investment not only from a purely economic point of view, but also keeping in mind the environmental implications, inserting among the parameters of evaluation of convenience not only the price, but also the quality of life.

With a few clicks on the descriptive cards, you can view the properties in every aspect, while the information relating to our agency, the many services offered, partnerships, etc. are included in the SERVICES section.



Corrado dell'Eva

Director of the Company, already enrolled since January 15, 1992 in the role of business agents in mediation of the Province of TRENTO (Real Estate Agents Section and Agents section with a paid mandate), now director and legal representative of the Trevalli Immobiliare s.a.s. (registered under no. TN-234156 of the Administrative Economic Directory at the C.C.I.A.A. of TRENTO).

Corrado Dell’Eva is the F.I.A.I.P. associate no. 6208. Recently the Federation awarded him the certificate of 25 years of registration.

Associato FIAIP


Marta Spotti

Graphics, advertising, marketing and secretarial services are entrusted to her experience. After a long practice in Milan, she moved to Trentino in 2008 and is working for Trevalli Immobiliare Agency since 2015.



Accounting, supplier and customer management are entrusted to her patience and precision. By interpreting the requests of owners or candidate buyers in the best possible way, it is committed to providing proposals and solutions that live up to expectations and is working for Trevalli Immobiliare Agency since 2018.

Our profession is regulated by the F.I.A.I.P Code of Ethics (the text of which is visible by clicking on the "Laws and Standards" button).

Convinced that we are performing a delicate task and making it as easy as possible for the customer, we ask our customers to fill out a short questionnaire to evaluate our work after the purchase and sale process has been completed, if they consider it appropriate: very useful for us to improve our "profession" while also giving our prospects the opportunity to provide references to those who request them.

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